About Us

Hiker Trailer offers many features and options, we will build your trailer to your exact specifications. You can have your trailer built with the bare necessities, or all the options under the sun. There is no need to settle for a pre-packaged trailer, of which you can’t customize.

Hikers can be towed with most passenger cars, mini-vans, and small SUV’s. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver in the woods, highways and bumpy roads. Shoot, we even have a full off-road capable trailer!

Hiker Trailer has two manufacturing locations, one in Denver, CO and the other near Indianapolis, IN. Having two manufacturing locations makes picking up your new Hiker more convenient. Together we have more than 14 years’ experience building teardrop trailers. Like our customers, we camp in our Hikers, and we understand what is needed to make a camper-friendly teardrop trailer.

If you would like to see our trailers up close and personal, contact us and set up an appointment.